How To Get Started In Voiceover: A Simple Guide

A Simple Guide To Kickstart Your Voice Over Career

The journey into voice acting…

Soooo, you’re interested in voiceover, are you? That’s awesome! Me too. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work, but the people you meet are amazing - from clients to other voiceover artists.

The world of voiceover is constantly changing. You could ask 10 different voice actors about how to start a voiceover career and get 10 different answers. We all joined the industry at different times, and that’s what makes each of our journeys unique. I think there’s something you can learn from every one of those stories, and that’s why I enjoy Mike Lenz VO podcast very much. It lets me listen in on someone else’s story; and of course, Mike always has his guests give a little golden nugget at the end of the show that you can take home with you. I listened to Mike when I first started my voiceover journey, and was recently a guest on his show - episode 096.

How To Get Started In Voiceover: A Simple Guide

If only I had this…

Because I wish I had an info sheet like this when I first started, I want to share it with you. It would have cut out a lot of hours of searching and asking questions. Let’s call it a big work in progress!! It’s not exhaustive by any means (it’s why I called it “A Simple Guide”). Certainly you will have many questions. But this was created to jot down all the different resources I can share with you. I know there are a lot more resources out there, but that’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Let’s just say, if you follow all the links and read all the blogs and listen to all the podcasts and connect with all the VO groups - you’ll be off to a great START.


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