How it works

If you have any questions, please contact me! I’m here and always happy to help.

I do free auditions; if you’re not sure if my voice will be a good fit for your project, send me your script, and I’d be happy to read part of it.

When you’re ready to book, email me your:

  1. Final script and any audio or visuals to help get just the right tone and pace.

  2. Expectations. Tell me the tone, pace, feelings you are going for. Who is your audience? Include a sample video - maybe a Vimeo or YouTube link. It’s extremely helpful hearing or seeing the kind of tone and pace you envision.

  3. Budget and Timeline.

Looking for how much it will cost? No problem! Just send me your script (even if it’s not quite finished), and how you’ll use it (website? paid advertising? etc.) and we can negotiate just the right price for your timeline and budget.


Booking Requests

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